how much is the tuition?

how much is the tuition?

Calgary man who opened first shelter for abused men commits suicide after being forced to sell refuge


Family Violence Affects Men Too
Original Air Date: Monday, February 04, 2013

Yup! Terrorists!

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feminist protesters at u of t pull fire alarm

The University of Toronto Student Union is a Terrorist Organization

Proof Below the Fold

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Lisa Brown being banned from speaking on Michigan’s house floor



it’s a little bit more complicated than that

Donglegate: A Tale of Two Innuendos (by girlwriteswhat)

“There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as ‘moral indignation,’ which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.” -Erich Fromm

Matthew 5:37

Matthew 5:37

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